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Defeated 1-0 by São Paulo, at Morumbi, América-MG saw the distance to the Brasileirão relegation zone decrease to just two points. In the view of coach Vagner Mancini, Coelho had chances to win the match, but he didn’t take advantage of it, so he can’t complain about the result.

Owner of the actions in the first minutes of the game, Coelho did not know how to translate opportunities into goals and saw the hosts open the scoring in the 33rd minute of the first half. Patrick, from São Paulo, appeared behind Patric, from América, to score the winning goal.

“Opportunities were created and they were wasted. We can’t complain too much because we had the game in hand.”

– If we analyze the whole game, América had many more scoring opportunities, they ended up wasting a great opportunity to beat São Paulo here inside Morumbi. We are regretting the defeat, because in the first half alone we had 10 shots and many missed goals. So, they had a great superiority in the first stage, and it was precisely at that time that São Paulo took the lead, in a move that we lose the ball and end up scoring – explains Mancini.

Mancini regrets América-MG’s defeat to São Paulo — Photo: Estevão Germano / América-MG

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Mancini also acknowledged that São Paulo knew how to neutralize its initial game strategy, with the change made by Rogério Ceni at the end of the first stage. In the 28th minute, Ceni took Luan (who signaled an injury to his left thigh) and put Patrick. Five minutes later, in a rare tricolor offensive attack, Patrick himself opened the scoring.

– We idealized the game’s strategy knowing that São Paulo didn’t have any speed player in its lineup, so we advanced the marking. Patrick’s entry changes São Paulo’s game system, and from then on, we start to have a little more difficulty, because the strategy was built on top of the three defenders. – he says.

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If in the first half the Coelho came to offer some danger, in the second half, the team was dominated by the opponent. In the entire final stage, América-MG had only one submission – merit of São Paulo, according to Coelho’s coach.

– It is also important to say that on the other side there is a team used to big games and that knew, in our only hesitation, to score their goal and from the moment they came out in front, they posted themselves in a different way, causing us much more difficulty. São Paulo has experienced players, rogues, who know how to take not only the game, but the game time as well. This is part of the game, if we had taken the lead, maybe we would have had a greater ease in the second half – he concludes.

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With 14 points, América-MG is in tenth place, but could lose a position to Botafogo or Avaí, who will face each other this Monday. Click here to see the complete Brasileirão schedule. Only two points separate Coelho from Cuiabá, the first team in the Z-4. On Wednesday, América-MG hosts Fluminense, at 9:30 pm, at Independência, for the 12th round of the competition.

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