Microsoft Announces 40th Anniversary Edition of Flight Simulator With Several New Planes

Flight Simulator continues to expand its fleet, with new releases every month, and will now be a bundle with several free planes.

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Microsoft released a video this Sunday to celebrate the launch of the special 40th anniversary version of the Flight Simulator franchise, the longest running from the software and operating systems developer founded by Bill Gates.

This special edition, which will be released in November, will finally bring helicopters to the simulator launched in 2020, with the Bell 407 (successor to the classic 206 JetRanger always present in previous versions) and the exotic French-made Guimbal Cabri G2.

Other aircraft announced include the Wright Flyer, used by the Wright brothers to make its first flight, the Douglas DC-3, which is the longest-serving commercial airliner in the world, and the De Havilland Canada DHC-2-Beaver. , a classic Canadian aircraft with a large radial engine. A Halo series plane was also announced.

But the main highlight was the Airbus A310, which will be made in partnership with iniBuilds, already known in the world of airplane simulators for making textures and modifications of the highest quality.

IniBuilds recently released an A310 for X-Plane, marking its entry into the paid add-on market. But this version for Flight Simulator will be free and more up to date, due to the partnership with Microsoft. Initially, only the passenger A310-304 with GE CF6-80 engines will be available

Images released even show a TAP painting on an A310 in the new simulator, but the manufacturer warned that it does not mean it will be available after launch. This Airbus, like the other planes announced on Sunday, will be available for free in the expansion to be released in October, when the franchise turns 40. Check out the trailer:

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