New Bullet Train trailer showcases Sandra Bullock’s character for the first time

One more trailer of Bullet train was released, and with it the first chance to see the character of Sandra BullockMaria Beetle, closer.

The action movie starring Bullock, Brad Pitt and a host of other stars, has had its share of postponements and is currently scheduled to premiere in early August.

THE Sony Pictures Entertainment published the trailer on its official channel on YouTubewhich gives far more detail about the story and characters than any material that has been released before.

Check out the full video here:

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The film suffered a series of delays in a row.

Brad Pitt is Ladybug in Bullet Train (Press Release/Empire)
Brad Pitt is Ladybug in Bullet Train (Press Release/Empire)

Bullet train had a handful of changes in its release, all motivated by different reasons but with a common goal: to secure more money from movie ticket sales.

First, the film would go into theaters on april 8 and had the date changed to July 15thfor the film to take advantage of American summer movie profits.

It was then delayed from July 15th to July 29th, just two weeks later, only to be moved back to August shortly thereafter.

The most recent change seems to have been motivated by research carried out in the country which indicated that Bullet train it was the ninth most anticipated film for the summer. To escape the competition of DC League of Super-Pets and No! Do not look!new movie from Jordan Peele, the film had the date pushed by a week.

Bullet Train will tell the story of five hitmen for hire who were hired to fulfill different missions aboard the same bullet train that is traveling in Japan, only to discover that this was no coincidence. All of their tasks that would be independent are actually connected in some way.

In addition to pitt and Bullockthe film also has other big names in Hollywood, such as Joey Kingin The Kissing Tent, Zazie Beetz (Deadpool 2), Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Nocturnal Animals), Logan Lerman (The advantages of being invisible), Andrew Koji (Fast and furious 6) and Michael Shannon (The shelter).

Bullet train opens in cinemas in Brazil from August 4.

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