Notebook with detailed notes of the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is being auctioned for 70 thousand reais

a man called Larry Foreman had the opportunity to attend the trial of the defamation case against Amber Heard and Johnny Depp and now he is auctioning a notebook in which he wrote down various details that were not broadcast on television.

He told TMZ that he took the notes during the sessions that took place in the courthouse located in the state of Virginia only for personal interest, however, decided to auction the notebook on the E-Bay website.

In all, there were 20 pages of daily notes, covering the sessions that took place between the 23rd and 26th of the trial.

He explained that the differential of his notes is that the television did not show the reactions of the jurors before the testimonies, but he was able to observe and record them.

As this is an auction not yet finalized, the most recent bid is in the region of 14,500 dollars (approximately 70,000 reais), but everything could change if someone increases the offer.

It is worth noting that Larry stated that he does not want to make a personal profit from the sale of the material, as want to donate the amount raised to Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

Amber Heard on trial in the United States
Amber Heard on trial in the United States (Reproduction)

Actor splurged on millionaire dinner in London recently

The Daily Mail website claimed that Johnny Depp invited several friends to celebrate the victory of the lawsuit against Amber Heard at a party at a fancy Indian restaurant in England.

The actor closed the place just for him and his friends and spent more than 50 thousand pounds – value around 301 thousand reais.

The site’s operations manager, Mo Hussain, said that Depp didn’t even check the bill, he just paid, left a generous tip and went away.

Hussain also explained how the details were arranged to receive the celebrities on site:

“We got an unexpected call on Sunday afternoon saying that Johnny Depp wanted to eat with a group of people. I was shocked and at first thought it might have just been an appointment,” he said.

“But then his security team arrived, checked the restaurant and we let them have the whole place because we were worried he might be bothered by other customers.”

So, the actor arrived at the restaurant around 7 pm and even took pictures with all the staff.

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