“Parasites and idlers”; Globo reporter ‘goes down’ in Flamengo after Dorival Júnior’s debut


Embittering yet another negative result, the team from Rio de Janeiro was heavily criticized by the professional, who did not mince words

Photo: Marcelo Cortes/CRF - Dorival didn't do well in his first game for Flamengo.
Photo: Marcelo Cortes/CRF – Dorival didn’t do well in his first game for Flamengo.

O Flamengo lives a crisis considered complicated, which had been putting pressure on coach Paulo Sousa, even more because the team could not show an improvement on the field, not even during the victories. As a result of this fact, the board met and took the decision to make a change in command, dismissing the Portuguese.

After numerous rumors, Dorival Júnior, who had been doing a great job in Ceará, even winning the best campaign in the first phase of the Copa Sudamericana, ended up being chosen to be the substitute. Arriving in Gávea, the coach was fully aware that it would take a lot of work to get everything back on track.

Right away, in his debut, during a game against Internacional, in Beira-Rio, the situation remained very tense: defeat by 3 to 1 and a lot of pressure coming from the stands, demanding, especially, a reaction. After 90 minutes, reporter Marcelo Courrege, from Globo, criticized Mais Querido in his social networks.generating repercussions:

“Flamengo won a Libertadores and two Brazilian Championships in two years. They dominated football in the country during this period. But I never thought it would be the 5, 10-year dynasty that some thought. Why? Because I know the club. A pit of vanities, parasites and idlersstarted the professional, who completed:

“Stability just doesn’t suit the club. Spend a day in Gávea and you’ll see. I’m a long way away, but I spent 25 years there. Sometimes people with good ideas and intentions come to power, but they are immediately swallowed up by a corrupt political system. Seduced by vanity and greed, finished. The next challenge will be against Cuiabá, next Wednesday (15), at 20:30, at Maracanã.

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