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THE Military Police of Paraná (PM-PR) refuted the accusations of unpreparedness and blamed the organized supporters for the confusion in the match Coritiba x Palmeiras, on Sunday. The PM, with the support of the Mobile Police Service for Football and Events (demafe), also asked for a single crowd for the classic Atletiba of the weekend, for the Brasileirão.

According to police information, the fight started after Palmeiras fans tried to invade the headquarters of Império, the main organization linked to Coxa. The fans, on the other hand, alleged a security error.

– The procedures were efficient and effective to alleviate everything that was caused. There was no excess on the part of the police and they acted with the means available to contain the criminals’ intentions – said Colonel Rodrigo, commander of the 20th Battalion, at a press conference.

According to Mancha Alvi Verde , the PM-PR missed the way to the stadium twice and used a narrow street, close to the stadium, and with movement of Coritiba fans. Império Alviverde said that the “failures in the performance of the PM-PR have been commonplace and that it seems deliberate”.

Coritiba and Palmeiras fans fight outside Couto Pereira

Coritiba and Palmeiras fans fight outside Couto Pereira

– The forecast we were given was four buses, which entered peacefully and orderly. These other two buses had no forecast. They got lost. They came without planning and notifying the police. The policeman was not lost. They stopped at the roadblock to ask which way. The fans were late, decided to disembark even through windows and went up the street for the confrontation. The intention was not to watch the game but to provoke a riot – completed the colonel.

A 25-year-old man died on Monday. According to Demafe, the São Paulo supporter was in the confusion, but was not attacked. Also according to Demafe, he had a health problem due to diabetes and was helped with cardiac massage outside Couto Pereira.

The boy was then taken to Cajuru University Hospital, in Curitiba, on Sunday night, in serious condition. The death was confirmed on Monday by the police and friends of the fan.

– If it was recurrent (failures), the injured would be significantly. A crowd that stays out waiting for another one to arrive doesn’t go to watch the show. That’s for sure. The natural thing would be to be inside. A crowd just doesn’t fight, it was premeditated. The logistics were enough – he concluded.

Game between Coritiba and Palmeiras is interrupted by pepper spray

Game between Coritiba and Palmeiras is interrupted by pepper spray

The fans also clashed with the police, who used pepper spray to disperse the confusion. The effects were felt inside the stadium.

Coritiba fans and even Palmeiras players reported discomfort due to the spray. The match was stopped for six minutes in the second half.

Some people watching the game behind one of the goals had to enter the pitch to escape the effect of the gas and follow the match from another sector.

According to the delegate of Demafe, Luis Carlos, parents and children waited at the police station to be able to leave the stadium safely on Sunday night. The delegate also reported that ambulances left with injured people.

Coritiba issued a note regretting and repudiating the confusion in the vicinity of Couto Pereira and reinforced that “inside the stadium, Coritiba guaranteed the safety of all fans”.

Coritiba fans suffer from the effect of pepper gas — Photo: Robson Mafra/AGIF

Athlete with a single crowd

According to PM-PR and Demafe, with the consent of Coritiba and Athletico, the classic must have a single crowd – the request has already been forwarded to Organs competent bodies. Atletiba is scheduled for Sunday, at 4 pm, at Couto Pereira, for Série A.

In this year’s state, after confusion in the stands of Alto da Glória, the duel from Paraná already had only one crowd in the semifinal games. The measure, however, did not prevent new fights for Curitiba.

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