“PT can come hot and I’m boiling”

Economic crises have led Brazilians to postpone changing their car. In 2013, light commercial automobiles, trucks and buses running had an average of eight years and five monthsaccording to Sindipeças.

In 2021, the Brazilian fleet was ten years and three months old. The motorcycle fleet also got old. It went from five years and eight months to eight years and five months, on the same basis of comparison.

In – Wall texture: denim effect

Oct – Wall texture: jackfruit beak


In the 2018 campaign, Eduardo Bolsonaro described his plan for the Federal Supreme Court: “If you want to close the STF, do you know what you do? Don’t even send a jeep. Send a soldier and a corporal”.

Bolsonaro has not yet been able to carry out his son’s proposal, but he has already taken other measures against the Court. On one side, the rotary machine gun against Alexandre de Moraes, Edson Fachin and Luís Roberto Barroso; on the other, the indications of Kássio Nunes Marques and André Mendonça, an adaptation of “a soldier and a corporal” in another sphere.

It just isn’t working out.


Ciro Nogueira (Casa Civil) fired again at Lula, denying that he will support an eventual government and promised to oppose the PT party “if he ever governs anything in this country”.

And he guaranteed that his party, the PP, will also not be part of the allied base of an eventual PT administration. Valdemar Costa Neto, owner of the PL and one of the leaders of Centrão, would have told Nogueira “not to exaggerate”.

family crisis

Carlos Bolsonaro’s criticism of his father’s videos aired during PL time (with teenagers and about Auxílio Brasil) produced by marketer Duda Lima, with the blessings of Valdemar Costa Neto, collided with the praise of his brother Flávio Bolsonaro, one of the campaign coordinators. , who considered “the perfect insertions”.

Flávio and Valdemar command the central core of the campaign. Now, to worsen the crisis in the family, First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro no longer wants to record videos for her husband’s electoral program (an idea by the same Valdemar).


Banco do Brasil and Caixa, a duo of banks that are on the podium of institutions that will lose a lot from the ICMS PEC, are champions and should pay less to the Union.

Confaz has already updated its projections for the drop in state collections: the estimated shortfall rose from R$83 billion to up to R$110 billion. And even if the Union transfers between R$ 25 billion and R$ 50 billion, this money does not even cover half of the hole.

Out of time

Lula has not made any moves to remove former governor Márcio França from the election. She didn’t even ask the deputy, Geraldo Alckmin (PSB) who is a friend of France, to intervene. The PT command set the deadline for the end of the impasse for the next 15th, but Márcio França is not taking it seriously. Detail: he did not want to go to the Senate.

He feared the candidacy of Sérgio Moro, which cannot take place in São Paulo, according to the decision of the TRE (he did not recognize his electoral domicile).

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