Scientists indicate a possible transmission of Covid-19 from cat to human

Scientists at the Prince of Songkla University of Medicine in Thailand have identified a possible transmission of coronavirus from cat to human. The case happened in August 2021, in the city of Songkla, when a veterinarian had contact with the infected animal and later tested positive for the disease. The information is from CNN.

The contact would have happened after the cat sneezed on the professional, who was doing a Covid-19 exam on the animal. She wore an N95 mask without face protection or glasses, according to the study, which points to the possibility that transmission occurred through the woman’s ocular surface.

The animal was sent to the veterinary unit to be tested, after its tutors tested positive for Covid-19. At the time of the RT-PCR test, the cat sneezed in the veterinarian’s face and the test result confirmed that the animal was contaminated, with high viral load at the time of the exam.

The vet started to have symptoms of the disease three days after the procedure, and her test confirmed the infection. As she had no other close contact with patients diagnosed with Covid-19, and the genomic sequencing indicated that the infections of the tutors, the animal and the woman were epidemiologically related, the conclusion was that she probably contracted the virus at the time of the test.

This may have been the first documented transmission of coronavirus from a cat to a human. The study was published in a US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) journal.

Transmission is uncommon

“In summary, we provide evidence that cats can transmit Sars-CoV-2 infection to humans. However, the incidence of this method of transmission is relatively uncommon due to the short duration (average of 5 days) of cats that shed viable virus.

Scientists recommend that people with suspected or confirmed Covid-19 avoid contact with their cats. They also advise eye protection for caregivers when interacting with cats suspected of infection.

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