Secret menu shows new locked screen in iPadOS 16

THE new locked screen customizable from iOS 16 is arguably one of the most interesting novelties of the next version of the system that pushes Apple smartphones, which has been without any change in this area for a few years. We even posted a video last week showing exactly how the feature will work.

To the disappointment of many, however, Apple made no mention of the new lock screen when it came to talking about the iPadOS 16 during WWDC22, implying that the feature would be, at least for now, something exclusive to iPhones — very reminiscent of the case of App Library and two widgetswhich also took time to reach the company’s tablets.

Traces left in the first beta of iPadOS 16, however, indicate that Apple did work on a customizable locked screen for its tablets, but that it may not have been ready in time. As disclosed by Federico Viticcithe company apparently forgot to hide the tool used to test feature options in the first test version of the new system.

Call of “PosterBoard”the tool can only be accessed by the application Shortcuts (shortcuts) and redirects the user directly to a menu of debug, where you can not only preview a revamped locked screen on iPad, but also play around with some of the options. This type of menu is often used by designers and engineers when developing a feature.

Despite giving us a good idea of ​​what the iPadOS locked screen would look like with the new customization options, the tool is still quite limited and doesn’t allow you to add important things like widgets, for example. However, it is possible to add animated wallpapers, overlay images with the time and change the font/color of the information.

The tool, it is worth noting, can also be accessed by iOS 16, where you can find similar options. Even so, because it is something that Apple usually hides from the user, it is very likely that it will no longer be accessible in the second beta of its developer systems – that is, it is better to hurry if you want to check it with your own eyes.

And you, did you like the look of the feature on the iPad? Tell us!

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