‘Songs to listen to with bae on Valentine’s Day’: more listening to the playlist

In an atmosphere of themed celebrations, our team prepared a playlist full of songs to fall in love even more on Valentine’s Day

REDE+ Playlist (Art: Alana/REDE+)

The most passionate weekend of the year has arrived. Thus, this is the theme of REDE+’s weekly playlist, in which love, in addition to being inspiration for people, is for singers, who compose several songs that talk about the art of liking someone.

So, how about playing on this sweet and sweet playlist to listen with or away from bae? After all, Luan Santana said “we don’t need to be glued to be together”.

(Art: Alana/REDE+)



Froid part. Cynthia Luz – Girl
Medulla – Hug
Lourena | SóCiro – Airplane
Luiz Lins – The Saddest Song of the Year


Niall Horan – Black and white
Lagum – I LOVE YOU
Gabriel Elias, Attitude 67 – Different from Everything
Harry Styles – Late Night Talking


BK’ part. Luccas Carlos – Plans
Don L – With you for whatever
Baco Exu do Blues – Samba in Paris
Oriente – The Tramp and the Lady


Sandy – Tired Feet
Anavitória and Rubel – Share
5 a Seco – For you to name it
Lady Gaga – Always Remember Us This Way


João Bosco and Gabriel, Diego & Victor Hugo – We take over
Jorge and Mateus – All yours
Melim – Two hearts
Luan Santana – Island


Taylor Swift – This Love
Max Schneider – Lights Down Low
Magic! – Appreciate You
Justin Bieber – Anyone


Lana Del Rey – Love
P!nk – Walk Me Home
Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone – City Of Stars
Anneke Van Giersbergen – Agape


Yann Tiersen – La Valse D’Amélie
Florence & The Machine – No Choir
Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone – A Lovely Night
IVE – Eleven


Izabela Taviani – Say yes to me
Gabriel Coelho – Beautiful girl
Projota – She just wants peace
Cavadão Bikini – When I meet you


Pearl Jam – Last Kiss
Audioslave – Gasoline
Disturbed – Hold on to Memories
The Doors – Riders On The Storm

Already send it to bae and make him fall in love even more.

Access the weekly playlist on link.

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