The catastrophic threat of total drought in Lake Mead, the largest water reservoir in the US

  • Regan Morris and Sophie Long
  • From BBC News in Los Angeles (USA)

Hoover Dam

Drought is once again afflicting the western United States and putting millions of people’s access to water at risk.

The intensity of the drought in the North American West was evident in Lake Mead, formed by the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River. Located near Las Vegas, on the border between Arizona and Nevada, the lake is the largest water reservoir in the United States and supplies 25 million people in three states and Mexico.

But now the lake’s water level is so low that the bodies of murder victims from decades ago, previously submerged in its depths, are emerging. One was found inside a barrel with a shot—probably because someone thought it would be hidden forever at the bottom of the vast reservoir.

As dead bodies fuel discussions about the Las Vegas gang’s past, water experts warn of even more worrying consequences. If the lake continues to recede, it could reach such a low level that it will stop the Hoover Dam from producing electricity or supplying water to cities.

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