This is the fastest way to charge your cell phone and not everyone knows

The scene is classic: you are in an emergency situation, away from home and you need to find a quick way to charge your cell phone, but you can’t.

And to make matters worse, when you find an outlet, you have to wait a long time to get as little charge as possible.

Well, know that there is no secret formula to charge your cell phone fast, but there are some tricks to optimize this time and that will make your life easier.

Is it safe to use the cell phone while it is charging?  see the answer

It is very dangerous to use your smartphone in the socket on rainy days. (Photo: Reproduction)

After all, what’s the fastest way to charge your cell phone?

As said, there is no perfect plan that will charge your cell phone in a very short time, but some tips will help you. Look!

First, when you plug it in, turn off your cell phone and leave it alone for a few minutes. Simply, this will speed up the loading process, as there will be nothing active in the background.

Another thing you can do, if you don’t want to turn off your device, is to leave your phone in airplane mode. Because, following the same logic as before, airplane mode speeds up this loading.

Since, without internet, the system does not perform automatic updates, nor does it receive notifications or make any backups.

Leaving for more exterior points, your cell phone will have a good charge if you are using a quality cable, preferably original.

Overall, these cables are specially made to improve device functioning and increase performance for charging.

If in doubt, just compare with other parallel cables you have at home. Loading with them takes much longer than with the originals.

In addition, whenever possible, choose to charge at the outlet, dispense with the use of USB cables in a computer, car or portable batteries.

Basically, these inputs release less energy than a plug, so charging tends to be slower.

Side by side, avoid wireless charging, those by induction. This high technology tends to be slower than cable and requires the cell phone to be aligned and close to the base.

Use technology to your advantage

Lastly and speaking of high technology, nowadays there are plugs for fast charging, and this is an excellent option to fill your cell phone charge quickly.

Because it works with higher powers than conventional chargers, it’s normal for the cell phone to get hotter, but don’t worry, it’s already prepared for that.

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