Ukraine will use NFTs to save its cultural ‘DNA’ amid Russian invasion

Amid the clear and present danger of the Russian military destroying Ukraine’s architectural wonders, museums and other cultural sites, the country plans to digitize “every piece of art or history” it can, Michael Chobanian, president of the Blockchain Association of Ukraine, announced on Tuesday. Consensus 2022 on Saturday.

“Today we are announcing a new project [destinado a] how to save the DNA of the Ukrainian people, Ukrainian culture and Ukrainian history,” said Chobanian.

“Right now, they are bombing museums, churches and cultural sites. So, before they are destroyed… let’s digitize every piece of art or history that we have in museums. We’re going to do it in NFT and put it on the blockchain,” he said.

Ukraine has already leveraged crypto and blockchain to fund its defense against the Russian invasion, raising more than $135 million in crypto from donors around the world as of mid-May, analytics firm Crystal Blockchain told CoinDesk.

Chobanian made the NFT plan announcement alongside Alex Bornyakov, Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation and de facto government spokesman on crypto, in a panel titled “Crypto at War: Behind Ukraine’s Crypto Funds History ”.

However, the project is not a government initiative, but rather an effort by Ukraine’s blockchain community.

NEAR Protocol co-founder Illia Polosukhin, who was also on stage, later revealed that NEAR will be the project’s first blockchain partner.

“It is extremely important to bring all the Ukrainian heritage in a chain and offer it to the world and preserve it forever,” said Polosukhin.

The historic “NFT-ization” of Ukraine’s artifacts will also reveal “what is being kept” and where, in order to prevent corrupt government officials from stealing items during such unpredictable times, Chobanian added.

Digitizing and placing an artifact like NFT on a blockchain will be proof that an artifact existed. The project will aim to provide a digital window into Ukraine’s cultural DNA, because anyone from anywhere will be able to see the items like NFTs in one place.

“It’s a national project, not a private project; it is what we do as the Blockchain Association of Ukraine and in this way no one can exclude it,” said Chobanian, who is also the person managing donations for the Crypto Fund of Ukraine and the founder of the Kuna exchange from Ukraine.

The government’s first NFT project was Ukraine’s MetaHistory NFT Museum, which was created to preserve facts about the war intended to challenge “Putin’s disinformation campaign.” NFTs purchased on this platform will be used to fund the latest NFT preservation project.

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