WhatsApp: 4 new features of the application should be released soon

continuously, the Whatsapp seeks to promote the best experience to its users. Because of this, many features are released on the Web, Android and iOS versions in order to make people’s lives easier.

Check out 4 new features released in the messenger below.

Four new WhatsApp features

Polls Option

Recently it was discovered that the messenger is working on a feature to create group polls. The novelty should be released in a future app update.

additional mobile device

In addition to the possibility of having more than one web device (PC) connected to the same account at the same time, the messenger is testing the ability to also link an additional mobile device.

The new feature was identified in the beta update for Android (

status updates

Another function that Whatsapp plans to release is to let people see status updates directly from the app’s chat list. When the user has an active publication, a circle will appear around their profile picture, just like on Instagram.

The functionality is being tested in the WhatsApp Desktop beta, however, it should also be released for the Android and iOS version of the messenger.

Beta version for Desktop

Finally, the web version of Whatsapp is testing a feature that allows users to react to contact statuses with up to eight emoji options.

The same functionality should be quoted soon for Android and iOS.

WhatsApp confirms the launch of a new feature long awaited by users

A great novelty should arrive in Brazil. Uber Chief Executive Dara Khosrowshahi revealed that it will soon be possible to order a Uber trip via Whatsapp.

The manager’s confirmation came through the Conversations conference in a panel with Sheryl Sandberg, Meta’s director of operations.

First of all, it is important to point out that order an Uber by Whatsapp is already a function available abroad. In India, for example, since December 2021 it has been possible to contact the Uber chatbot via messenger and request a ride, informing the destination.

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The application then brings information that the driver is on the way, such as license plate and car model. Khosrowshahi also revealed that the partnership with WhatsApp in India has worked well to attract new users to the service, and that he plans to expand the function to more countries, including Brazil.

“Brazil too, of course,” he commented.

The international expansion of the project had already been reported by Uber in 2021, when the resource began to be offered in India. However, it is important to clarify that there is still no forecast of when Brazilians will be able to order Uber by WhatsApp.

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