WhatsApp introduces feature that silences any contact

O Whatsapp has more than 150 million active accounts in Brazil. Everyone in this country, if they don’t use it, must have at least heard of this application, which has become one of the main resources for communication between people, both personally and professionally.

Therefore, it is common, in the midst of this widespread, and sometimes even excessive, use that certain contacts are somewhat unwanted. In this sense, it is worth learning feature that mutes any contact on WhatsApp. Check out more information on how to enable this function in your app!

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Why do we choose to mute someone on WhatsApp?

Like Instagram, WhatsApp also allows us to mute those contacts that we don’t like or that for some reason we no longer want to follow. Therefore, the option of silence contacts is used to stop following someone’s updates without deleting them.

Therefore, by doing this, any information and updates about that contact that bothers you will no longer appear in the status list of the application. Thus, it becomes possible to ignore people you don’t want to have contact with.

Learn how to mute a contact in the messaging app

THE functionality the possibility to mute a contact on WhatsApp works both on Android devices and on iPhones, iOS. In all cases, the procedure is quite simple and intuitive. Follow the instructions in this text to complete the action correctly. Check out the step-by-step below:

  • First open the WhatsApp app and tap on “Status”;
  • Then press your contact’s status screen;
  • Finally, choose the “Mute” option that will appear on your screen and you are done!

As a result, it will be possible to mute status updates from a WhatsApp contact and they will no longer be available to you (unless you want them to). If you want to enable status updates for a contact again, just follow the instructions below:

  • First open the WhatsApp app and tap on “Status”;
  • Then, swipe down to the part where the “Muted updates” is;
  • Finally, press your contact’s status update, tap “Reactivate” and the action will be undone!

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