Who will stop the third alviverde academy? – 06/12/2022

There are those who think that comparing Abel Ferreira’s Palmeiras to the Palmeiras academies that made history in Brazilian football in the 60’s and 70’s is an exaggeration. I understand, but I argue that the first two academies have in their favor the historical distance that always gives romanticization to what happened and gives the measure of the real greatness that the event had in our lives.

This team of Abel’s is being evaluated in the present and we tend to reduce the potency of circumstances while we are experiencing its unfolding. Without historical distance, without measuring the importance of the event.

The current Palmeiras enters the field and the fan and the Palmeirense fan know that the goal will come out. It is a rare certainty, a feeling of confidence unheard of for some generations. Who can say they’ve ever felt it? And for how long? Was that feeling able to lift two Libertadores and be the favorite for the third?

In spite of the lineup, in spite of the absences, in spite of how the opponent positions himself, locks himself in, plays hard and stings the game – Palmeiras behaves with extreme ease, knows what they are going to do, has a collective tactical conscience.

Technically, let’s agree that before Abel, if Palmeiras offered Zé Rafael, Rony, Marcos Rocha, Scarpa, Danilo and even Veiga there would be no immediate buyers. Today, they are fitted and valuable pieces.

We can open debate and go one-on-one, piece by piece, comparing Dudu and Danilo, Ademir da Guia and Veiga, Leão and Weverton and so on, and perhaps almost all of the previous ones are considered better than the current ones (perhaps, only maybe), but in the collective, in the security that the team passes and in the real and palpable possibility of being three-time champion of America, there is no parallel.

Leader of the Brazilian, solid, imposing, conquering, inside and outside the house, victories that melt taboos. This Sunday, June 12, was against Coritiba at Couto Pereira. It will be difficult to break the hegemony of this Palmeiras.

Abel’s team, with due historical distance, will be considered the third academy. Pardon my anticipation.

What can I say? All I have left is, “Go on, Real Madrid!”.

I dedicate you, Edson Rossi. I dedicate you, Sergio Cury. This Palmeiras is the size of my love for you.

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