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Seized goods, which total R$400 million, will not go to creditors (Image: Reuters/Nacho Doce)

The creditors of the so-called “Pharaoh of Bitcoins”, Glaidson Acacio dos Santosshall not be refunded based on the assets seized by the Federal Police in August 2021 during the Operation Cryptos. About R$400 million reais, between cryptocurrencies, vehicles, real estate and jewelry, must be passed on to the Union and not the victims.

According to information from the newspaper The globe and confirmed by Money TimesJudge Rosália Figueira, from the 3rd Federal Criminal Court of Rio de Janeiro, believes that the most likely thing is that the assets will be lost to the Union.

As the investigation phase into the financial pyramid scheme operated by Glaidson and his wife Mirelis Zerpa, which began ten months ago, has not yet been completed, the magistrate argues that the seized assets may have an illicit origin and are linked to organized crime. There are suspicions of involvement with militias and drug traffickers.

The “bitcoin pharaoh” is in the process of judicial reorganization of his company, GAS Consultoria e Tecnologia, and has until the end of the month to present the list of creditors and present the resources, other than those seized in the operation, which will pay the creditors.

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