Atltico will make big investments in the next window? Caetano answers

Rodrigo Caetano assures that Atl
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Rodrigo Caetano assures that Atltico will adopt a cautious stance in the next transfer window

Will Atltico make big investments in the next transfer window? This Monday (13), at a press conference in Cidade do Galo, in Vespasiano, football director Rodrigo Caetano answered the question.

Initially, the manager assured that Atltico would not make large investments. Caetano says that the Minas Gerais club has no intention of “accumulating players” to build an extensive squad. He also recalled the movements of athletes leaving and relocating to reduce expenses.

“Not about investments. If we’re going to find a good opportunity, let it add up… But we’re not going to accumulate athletes here. in Folha do Galo. It’s a constant work to replace some players. Others that we got through an initial loan, then we managed to sell. We generated a lot of revenue from players who weren’t here, who didn’t impact our squad”, he said.

Caetano assures that Atletico will adopt a “cautious” stance in the next window. The manager stated that the club will not make large investments, as the budget does not allow that. He also guarantees that Galo will keep an eye out for good market opportunities, such as players without a contract or at the end of their contract – cases of defender Jemerson and striker Pavn, respectively.

“Now, it is very unlikely that there will be an investment, because we still don’t have the budget for it. On the contrary, we tried to reach a desired number of sales. of ownership), we will, necessarily, have to look for a spare part at the height. This is the only certainty we have, added to some good opportunities that may arise, without the need for the initial investment”, he said.

“Players who are at the end of their contract, or who are in a less onerous situation. We will always try to improve, but not with the intention of accumulation. Not with the intention of quantity. If, in everyone’s understanding, it is to qualify, ok. our obligation is to be in the market. At the very least, we will be attentive. Now, if we are going to act to bring them, only if everyone understands it is to improve the quality of our squad”, he added.

Is Turco satisfied with the Atlético squad?

In recent days, some portals have published an alleged charge to coach “El Turco” Mohamed for improvements in the Atletico squad. Caetano, however, guarantees that nothing happened in this regard. He emphasizes the Argentine coach’s satisfaction with the pieces he has at his disposal.

“Since he (El Turco) arrived – and even before, in the conversations we had about his arrival – he has always been very satisfied with the cast. (…) At no time did he express dissatisfaction with the cast. That I can say,” said Caetano.

Galo intends to sell athletes in the next window?

With a squad full of players with good market value, associated with the need for sales to improve the financial health of the club, Atltico may have exits in the next transfer window.

Rodrigo Caetano guarantees, however, that Galo has not yet received any official proposal. Even so, the football director emphasized that he cannot guarantee the maintenance of the entire current squad.

“We don’t control outbound business very much, do we? Because what I can say so far is that we haven’t had any official proposal from any of our athletes. But I can’t get here and be irresponsible to the point of saying that no one will leave. I don’t know. It will depend a lot on whether there is a proposal, who it is for and what the movement is, the club’s real need. So far, we have had nothing”, he concluded.

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