Australia goalkeeper draws attention to Peru, but defense is spotty, says Sandro Meira Ricci | international football

Andrew Redmayne entered Australia in the 14th minute of extra time with a mission: to be decisive on penalties and secure qualification against Peru. And it did. The 33-year-old goalkeeper, who plays for Sydney FC, was the protagonist in the World Cup repechage match and drew attention with his jumps and dances before the kicks. But he committed an irregularity, according to Sandro Meira Ricci.

At the Whistle Center sportv, the former referee and commentator analyzed Redmayne’s stance before the kicks and indicated that the jump off the goal line should lead to the annulment of the bids.

– We realize that the goalkeeper, in his habit of moving around, before the kick he jumps forward. The rule says that before the kick, the goalkeeper has to remain on the goal line. If at the moment he takes that forward bounce, he takes his feet off the line, it’s irregular and couldn’t have validated the defense – evaluates Sandro.

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Andrew Redmayne, Australia’s goalkeeper, drew attention with a dance in the penalty shootout against Peru (Photo: Mohammed Dabbous/Reuters)

Ricci reiterated that Redmayne’s jump to defend Valera’s free-kick was cool. The irregularities were committed before the kick, when the Australian goalkeeper danced to distract rivals.

– From the angles of the transmission, you’re not sure if he really, when he goes forward, he takes his feet off the line. The impression he gives is that he leaves the goal line, and when he leaves, he commits an irregularity. There’s VAR, VAR didn’t play. But, as a rule, if he left, the charge was irregular.

“The irregularity happens when the Peruvian player starts to run, and he starts to jump, and then he jumps a little bit forward”, says Sandro.

Australia beat Peru on penalties after a 0-0 draw in normal time and extra time and will enter Group D of the World Cup, alongside France, Denmark and Tunisia.

Best moments: Australia 0 (5) x (4) 0 Peru, in the 2022 World Cup play-off

Best moments: Australia 0 (5) x (4) 0 Peru, in the 2022 World Cup play-off

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