CBLOL 2022: micaO celebrates final at Ibirapuera: “Extra mood” | lol

It’s certainly an extra boost to see that it’s a place that we were champions, that we already know and dreaming is free, right?

— micaO, about the CBLOL final at the Ibirapuera Gym

micaO, from INTZ, in the 2nd Split of CBLOL 2022 — Photo: Bruno Alvares/CBLOL

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The most successful organization in CBLOL history with five titles, INTZ is experiencing a drought even in qualifying for the playoffs. The Intrepids haven’t made it to the knockout stage since the 2nd Split of 2020. For micaO, the possible return to the Ibirapuera Gym bodes well, but you need to have your feet on the ground and a lot of training to be at the champion level again.

— We still have a lot of progress ahead, to become a champion team, there are many teams that are better than us at the moment, but I’m very happy with our evolution — he explains.

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Remember the INTZ title in 2016

INTZ is the champion team of the CBLoL Final 2016

INTZ is the champion team of the CBLoL Final 2016

micaO’s INTZ debuted on the right foot in this 2nd Split of CBLOL 2022. It started with an authoritative victory over Rensga in the 1st round played on Saturday. On Sunday, they even tried but fell in front of Miners. The Intrepids return to the Rift this Saturday, starting at 2 pm, for the 3rd round of the tournament.

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