Check out some historical artifacts that were discovered by accident

Sometimes we are so engrossed in our daily lives that we forget that the Earth is full of traces of ancient civilizations. Therefore, there are few cases of artifacts discovered by chance, even by people in their own homes. In fact, some of the pieces are dated up to 2,000 years before Christ! Check out these awesome stories.

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Artifacts discovered by accident

For those who grew up following treasure hunts, finding a chest with gold and gemstones is a distant dream. However, a British couple discovered a real gem while walking on the beach in Loe Bar, England.

First, they found a copper ingot on the beach, this in 1974, and then, 12 years later, they found a coin dated 600 years earlier. Both discoveries were by chance, but this motivated a team of archaeologists to investigate the site. In this way, it was possible to discover that there was a Portuguese vessel full of gold, dating from 1527, submerged on the beach.

Imagine finding an artifact over 3,000 years old on your property? This is what happened to a Turkish farmer who found a Hittite bracelet while plowing his land for planting. When announcing it to the Çorum Museum, the age and origin of this silver and copper jewel were confirmed. A few years later, UNESCO considered the piece a World Heritage Site, a vestige of one of the first peoples to handle precious metals.

More recently, in 2021, another discovery happened by chance, only this time in Poland. A man was working cleaning some rocks on his property when he discovered a material of bronze. The same resembled a hammer. To deal with the situation, the man notified the appropriate authorities, who ended up discovering more instruments. In all, 12 pieces were found, which must have belonged to the Voivodeship peoples who inhabited the region around 2,000 to 1,500 BC.

All these situations lead us to ask: what could we discover if we walked more carefully around the places? After all, a real treasure can be anywhere.

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