China will be reunited, says Chinese Taiwan minister

Wei Fenghe says China is not an aggressor and urges US to “stop defaming” the country

Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe said this Sunday (June 12, 2022) that it is up to the United States improve the bilateral relationship. He also said that the Chinese government seeks a “peaceful reunification” with Taiwanbut there may be “other options”. The information is from Reuters.

China will definitely carry out its reunification”, he said in a speech at the Asia defense summit, held in Singapore.“Those who seek Taiwan independence in an attempt to divide China will definitely not end well..”

Taiwan has been independently governed since the end of a civil war in 1949. China, however, considers the island as part of its territory, in the form of a splinter province.

Wei declared that China is not an aggressor country. He said Beijing only seeks peace and stability. He called on the United States to “strengthen solidarity and oppose confrontation and division”.

On Saturday (June 11), the US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin said Washington will do its part to manage tensions with the China and avoid conflicts. However, he declared that the country is becoming increasingly aggressive in the region. Austin said that the United States will continue to support their allies, including Taiwan.

Wei said China rejects “the US defamation, accusations and even threats” made in the speech by the US Secretary of Defense.

We urge the US side to stop defaming and restricting China. Stop interfering in China’s internal affairs. The bilateral relationship cannot improve unless the US side can do so.the,” he declared.

Taiwan’s Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang said Sunday that the country has always had goodwill towards China, but asked for reciprocity.

As long as there is equality, reciprocity and no political preconditions, we are willing to engage in goodwill with China.”, declared. “Taiwan does not want to close the door on China. It is China that has used various means to oppress and treat Taiwan irrationally.

The premier spoke about “China’s harassment of Taiwan with military aircraftwarships, irrational repression and political actions”. He said that only the people of Taiwan can decide their future, and while the country seeks peace with China, it will defend itself if attacked.

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