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Cruzeiro awaits the approval of its creditors plan by the Labor Court. O ge obtained the document presented and details the figures presented by the Minas Gerais team to seek to equate its labor liabilities.

In the document, Cruzeiro considered R$ 468 million in civil, labor and financial debts in the two Centralized Execution Regimes – one in the labor part and the other in the civil part.

The club also explains that, in order to calculate the transfer of revenue from the SAF to the association, the net cash revenue was considered as the basis for calculating the 20% that must be transferred.

On the labor side, there are more than R$ 183 million foreseen in liabilities, between legal and extrajudicial claims. In the document, the club presented having 96 judicialized cases and, most of them (370), not included in judicial discussions.

Cruzeiro flag at Independência — Photo: Fernando Moreno/AGIF

Cruzeiro also drew up a list of creditors that the club accumulates, including individuals and legal entities. One name catches the eye: Lucas Silva. The midfielder, currently at Grêmio, has an open action with Cruzeiro since last year, but it remains a secret.

The case is in the plan of creditors with status of agreement in BRL 770,419.40, of which BRL 7,225.06 is in escrow deposit.

Lucas Silva, Cruzeiro — Photo: Vinnicius Silva/Cruzeiro

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In the labor part, the club separated its creditors into classes and subclasses, and detailed the form of payment:

  • Group 1: Discounts of 30% (payment in up to six years)
  • Group 2: Discounts of 45% (payment in up to four years)
  • Group 3: 60% discount (payment in cash)
  • Group 4: Partner suppliers (former players and employees, with a payment of up to five years) – debt: BRL 89.4 million
  • Group 5: Legalized Labor – debt: BRL 102.636 million
  • Group 6: Judicial Civil – debt: BRL 52.531 million
  • Group 7: Non-judicial worker – debt: BRL 80.295 million
  • Group 8: Civil not judicialized – debt: BRL 165.716 million

The first three groups of the plan are those creditors who chose to negotiate the payment of the amount they claim with discounts.

Cruzeiro proposes that, in the “judicialized labor” group, the division of creditors should take place in two subgroups. One with debts below BRL 50,000 and the other with debts above BRL 50,000.

The payment plan, for those who will not offer a discount, was proposed to Cruzeiro in this way for the next three years – predicting that the club will return to the First Division of Brazilian football and will have an increase in revenues (already excluding the withdrawal of taxes and anticipation of revenues ):

  • 2022: BRL 99.1 million
  • 2023: BRL 186.9 million
  • 2024: BRL 244 million

In these three years, the club proposes the below form of payment flow to groups. Cruzeiro expects to have BRL 19.8 million (2022), BRL 37.4 million (2023) and BRL 48.8 million (2024):

  • Suppliers and partners: BRL: BRL 10.8 million (2022); BRL 21.2 million (2023) and BRL 27.7 million (2024)
  • Judicial workers: BRL 3.2 million (2022); BRL 6.2 million (2023); BRL 8.1 million (2024)
  • Judicial Civil: BRL 1.3 million (2022); BRL 2.5 million (2023); BRL 3.3 million (2024)
  • Non-judicial worker: BRL 600 thousand (2022); BRL 1.2 million (2023); BRL 1.6 million (2024)
  • Non-judicial civil: R$3.2 million (2022); BRL 6.2 million (2023); BRL 8.1 million (2024)

On the 7th, the Justice granted the Public Ministry of Labor and the unions of the professional categories, representatives of labor creditors, a view to manifest within a period of 20 days on the centralized regime proposed by the mining club.

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