Floating restaurant famous for Hollywood movies leaves Hong Kong after 50 years

The Covid-19 pandemic is pointed out as the main reason for the closure of the Jumbo Floating Restaurant, which ended its work on the island this Tuesday, 14, after several attempts to revive the place.

Peter PARKS / AFPfloating restaurant
Hong Kong’s Jumbo Floating Restaurant, an iconic yet ancient tourist attraction designed as a Chinese imperial palace

After half a century of history, Jumbo Floating Restaurant in Hong Kong will leave the island. There have been several attempts to revive the iconic place that appears in several films of Hollywood and has a capacity for 2,300 guests. The restaurant’s operators cited the Covid-19 pandemic as the reason for its permanent closure in March 2020, after nearly a decade of financial difficulties. Designed as a Chinese imperial palace and considered a must-visit, the restaurant has attracted distinguished visitors such as the Queen. Elizabeth II and Tom Cruiseand has appeared in several films, including Steven Soderbergh’s science thriller Contagion, about a virus that kills 26 million people worldwide.

hong kong floating restaurant

Jumbo Floating Restaurant towed out of town after failed negotiations to save the struggling tourist attraction │EFE/EPA/JEROME FAVRE

The Hong Kong Jumbo was opened in 1976 by Stanley Ho and was a symbol of luxury. Investment firm Melco International Development, which owns the venue, announced in May that the restaurant would leave the financial center before its license expired and that it had found a new operator abroad, but did not disclose the new destination. According to the company, the establishment had not been profitable since 2013 and the accumulated losses exceeded 100 million Hong Kong dollars, approximately US$ 12.7 million.

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