He Reincarnates As A Little Boy And Steals Another Man’s Older Woman In Film With Nicole Kidman

Reincarnation is a 2004 drama, thriller and romance film starring Nicole Kidman and it’s one of those you watch to debate with other people, especially on a super interesting topic, which is reincarnation.

In the film, ten years after the death of her husband, Anna (Nicole Kidman) has finally managed to rebuild his life, being on the verge of remarrying.

Suddenly, a 10-year-old boy appears in her life, who falls in love with Anna and claims to be the reincarnation of her husband. Anna initially considers the story to be completely absurd, but some details of situations that occurred between her and her late husband, told by the boy, make her intrigued.

Gradually, Anna begins to remember facts from her past and begins to question the choices she made in life, which makes her fiancé, his family and her best friend worried.

In addition to Nicole Kidmanthe list still has Cameron Bright, Danny Huston and Lauren Bacall.

Many do not like this film because there is an involvement of a child with an adult woman, however, the reflection is much deeper, entering the scope of reincarnation and how people deal with it and make them reflect on their actions in the past.


Unfortunately, Reincarnation is not available on any streaming platform here in Brazil, but you can easily find it on Google, just type your name followed by “Online”.

To facilitate, Click here and will go to the movie directly to a website with great quality and subtitles.

Watch the trailer:

You will like it too!

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