‘I wouldn’t have chosen to be a teacher in the US if I knew I would have to teach with guns’

  • Analia Llorente
  • BBC News World

Rosa Morales Cruz.

Credit, Personal archive

The shooting attack on an elementary school in Uvalde, in the US state of Texas, which left 21 dead – 19 children and two teachers – on May 24, reignited the debate on possible measures to end violence in educational institutions in that country. country.

The Ohio State Congress reacted quickly and passed a controversial law on June 1 that will allow teachers and other staff to carry guns at school.

The rule overturns a 2021 state Supreme Court decision that required teachers to receive weapons training equivalent to that received by law enforcement officers.

If the governor signs the law, teachers who voluntarily choose to carry guns in schools will only be required to complete 24-hour training.

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