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Working with something you like is more than a dream for many people. There are those who got the ideal job and make routine a great fun, but since everything in life is relative, no job is good every day, right? Yet the University of Chicago made a ranking with the 10 happiest jobs in the world.

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See the list below, as it is possible that one of them is yours, so you will have points for and against to add to the research justification. Regardless of what you decide, know that what the ranking takes into account is the feeling of welfare of professionals, in addition to day-to-day productivity and autonomy.

Check out what the study showed.

Happiest jobs in the world

The University of Chicago survey was done with the help of psychologists labor and Human Resources specialists. In times of mental health in evidence, knowing which are the happiest professions in the world can make a difference in the lives of those seeking a career transition or going to college, for example.

And these were the jobs listed:

1) Clergy: Church members top the list of the happiest professions in the world. The reason is the way in which their work makes a difference in people’s lives, precisely because they are guided by faith.

The feeling of being a guide, claimed some of them, contributes to happiness.

two) Firefighters: the research shows that these professionals are happy in the activity they chose, because in addition to the service they provide to society, they are recognized and live in constant adrenaline in their work routine;

3) physical therapists: satisfaction is linked to patient overcoming. The survey showed a high level of happiness in this class, especially when involved in the most serious cases of rehabilitation.

4) Writer: the happiness found here is in creating universes, characters and stories. In some cases, it only grows even bigger when they manage to win fans.

5) special education teachers: the joy of these professionals is in following the cognitive evolution of the students. It’s really gratifying to contribute to that.

6) teachers in general: even without proper appreciation, teachers are in the ranking of the 10 happiest professions in the world, especially for the way they participate in the formation of students as individuals and professionals.

7) plastic artists: fruit of a lot of imagination and creativity. These professionals are motivated by the possibility of creating something new.

8) psychologists: happiness is in helping and saving the other.

9) financial services broker: the criteria linked to happiness are stability, routine and good wages.

10) operational engineer: the survey points to satisfaction when piloting large machines, as well as in maintenance and updating of machinery.

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