Jennifer Aniston drives fans crazy by appearing in Friends outfit

Despite his curriculum having numerous well-known titles, Jennifer Aniston is still remembered by Rachel from friendsand it seems that not only fans are nostalgic for the actress’ times on the iconic sitcom, considering she was recently spotted in a costume from the show.

Aniston appeared in a beautiful and well-known black lace dress, in a photo posted on Instagram by hairdresser Chris McMillan, which has in its list of clients, stars like Selma Blair, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts and Courteney Cox.

For those who didn’t remember seeing just the photo of the actress next to the beauty professional, she shared in her own Instagram stories some images of Courteney Cox wearing the same dress in an episode of season 8 of friends20 years ago.

“Does the dress look familiar? I still have it!” she wrote, then shared her photo with McMillan to prove it was the same dress.

She previously revealed, in an interview with People magazine, that she had “snatched” the dress from the sitcom’s wardrobe when it was completed in 2004.

“I went into her clothing line and pulled out a dress that Monica was wearing. I still have it and use it to this day and it works perfectly. It’s floral with black lace, small flowers, a V-neck and ruffled cap sleeves,” she said.

Her co-star and first person to wear the dress, Courteney Cox, who participated in the interview, also added how the style of clothing chosen as a souvenir by Aniston, is the classic type that is always coming back in style.

“It probably went in and out of fashion about four times,” she said.

“It will always be in style,” added Aniston.

Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) and Monica (Courteney Cox) in a scene from Friends (Reproduction / NBC)

Speaking of the style of clothing that the stars wore in the series, last year Jennifer Aniston commented on Rachel’s wardrobe, during her participation in the American podcast The Howard Stern Show, on SiriusXM radio.

While it looks like the actress hand-picked her outfits to look more stylish than her co-stars, considering Rachel was very fashion-conscious, she revealed that she chose everything herself.

“Nobody would come and say to us, ‘Girls, your clothes need to be tighter, smaller and smaller.’ No way. We always wore something we felt comfortable with,” she said at the time.

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