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Joe Biden will make his first trip as US president to the Middle East on July 13-16, according to a White House statement released on Tuesday.

According to the text, the journey will begin in Israel. He will speak with the country’s leaders and there is also, in the program, the forecast of a visit to the West Bank.

Afterwards, Biden will head to Saudi Arabia, where he will participate in a discussion about a truce in Yemen’s civil war.

In the statement, Biden is said to be grateful for the invitation from Prince Mohamed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia.

Mohamed ben Salman of Saudi Arabia in a 2016 image — Photo: Bandar Algaloud / Media Office Of Mohammed Bin Salman / AFP

US intelligence services have concluded that Salman ordered the murder of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

“This trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia – when it arrives – would take place in the context of important goals for the American people in the Middle East region,” White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters.

The oil monarchy “has been a strategic partner for almost 80 years. There is no doubt that there are important (American) interests linked” to the country, she said.

Joe Biden Meets Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett

Joe Biden Meets Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett

US media announced that Biden would make his first visit as president to Israel and Saudi Arabia this month during a trip that will include Germany and Spain for G7 and NATO summits.

However, in the face of criticism over the Democratic president’s change in stance, who vowed to treat the kingdom as a “pariah” after Khashoggi’s assassination, the White House declined to confirm the information.

The rapprochement comes after two apparent concessions by Saudi Arabia to Biden’s goals: boosting oil production that could help ease rising prices, and extending a truce in Yemen.

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