Lion and cub filmed playing like two kittens

The scene of a lion cub playing with its father is the cutest thing you’ll see today.

On March 15, Lincoln Park Zoo located in Chicago, United States, welcomed a new member of the feline family, little Pilipili.

Pilipili is the son of three-year-old lioness Zari and four-year-old lion Jabari. And since he was born, they have attracted the eyes of many visitors.

And all this attraction has a reason, because besides being cute, Pilipili and Jabari have a beautiful relationship.

If when you think of a lion and then imagine a ferocious animal, this time you will be surprised! For in this video, the feared king of the jungle is seen gently playing with his cub.

In the scenes it is possible to see Pilipili reacting to her father’s antics by turning from side to side between soft roars, during the kicks she receives.

And the episode is even cuter, because Zari goes into action, as if ordering Dad to stop and he even stops, but then goes back to playing. A cuteness!

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I don’t know how to deal with this family, it’s so beautiful!

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