New WhatsApp update could be dangerous for users

With more than 150 thousand active accounts in Brazil, the Whatsapp is one of the most widely used digital media in the country. Much of this success is linked to the fact that it is constantly being updated, seeking not only to meet the demands of its users but also to always seek to propose surprising novelties.

However, the next update demand of the application may pose risks for some users. To stay on top of the subject and understand why the new whatsapp update seems to be a dangercheck out the full article!

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What’s New in WhatsApp

According to information released by the network itself, the next WhatsApp update allows even messages already sent to be edited. That way, you will be able to select any message that was sent and copy or edit what was written.

What is the danger of this update?

Imagine that your cell phone has been stolen or stolen so that someone else has access to your account. So she can easily edit even old messages from you.

This type of editing can be used to forge evidence, or speeches that were never real, and can even incriminate someone. Because of this, neglecting your cell phone would be very dangerous, in addition to making the application’s messages become increasingly less reliable.

When these concerns were pointed out, WhatsApp has not yet officially commented on the matter. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether these updates will be maintained and released to the public. However, it is already very important to be aware of the situation and informed.

New emojis are now available on WhatsApp

New emojis have arrived for Android and iOS phone models, with package update 14.0. The application provides about 37 new unpublished icons. In this way, it is intended to offer an even more complete, diversified and fun service to users, who now have even more and new ways to express themselves through these beautiful emojis.

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