Nightclub waitress is Piqué’s affair and left her job after discovery, says Spanish press

Shakira ended her relationship with Gerard Piqué not just because of a betrayal. The football player would be willing to live a new love, says the Spanish press. Since then, different TV shows and local newspapers began the search on who would be the athlete’s choice and came to a conclusion that she would be a waitress and her name would have the initials CC.

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The program “Socialité”, from the Telecinco broadcaster, also discovered that “CC” worked at the nightclub “La travessia”, very frequented by Piqué and other Barcelona players at the parties they had. To throw off the paparazzi, the ex-husband of the Colombian singer used to enter through a side door and stay in a VIP area. The reserved space even had curtains and stairs.

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Another celebrity show, “Sálvame” sent a reporter into the nightclub where the football player’s alleged affair was working. Even prevented from entering by security, the team discovered that “CC” no longer worked at the place since last Saturday, the 4th. A waiter, who was approached by the reporter, said he would lose his job if he gave information to the press and asked to be at peace.

Shakira and Piqué have two children Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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