No Big Mac or McFlurry: What They Call Now ‘Russian McDonald’s’ Snacks – 06/13/2022

A new era for Russia’s fast food and economics scene began on Sunday, as the former McDonald’s restaurants opened their doors in Moscow under a new Russian direction and with another name, translated as “yummy and full stop”. . It may look and smell like McDonald’s, but now it’s Vkusno & torchka.

The golden arches are gone, the snacks have been renamed, and the slogan has become: “The name changes, the love stays.” But the physical points are the same, the staff remains and the dishes are almost identical.

The network’s new logo features a red circle and two slanted orange dashes, representing a hamburger and two fries.

new logo - Reproduction - Reproduction

New restaurant logo

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How is the menu

The “Royal Deluxe“, for example, is now called “Grand Deluxe“, the hamburger “Filet-o-Fish” changed into “fish Burger”, and the “double Royal” became “double Grand”.

Also, the prefix “McDo” no longer appears in any name. “We were forced to remove certain products from the menu because they directly reference McDonald’s, such as MC flurry and the Big Mac”, clarified oleg Paroev, director general of the Russian chain of fast food.

the menu of Vkusno & torchkais smaller, but sandwich composition has not changed as McDonald’s equipment has remained, Alexander said. Merkulovquality manager of the new company.

The company already sourced its products from local farmers, this should ensure that the sandwiches continue to taste similar.

queues and expectations

There were lines at the doors of the renamed establishments after 32 years of the American hamburger giant opening its doors in the capital. russian. McDonald’s left Russia because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Not coincidentally, the reopening took place on Russia Day, a holiday that celebrates national pride, and was interpreted as a strong sign of a new world order and a test of how the Russian economy will fare in the search for more self-sufficiency and resistance to western sanctions.

“We will try to do everything so that our customers don’t notice any difference, both in the atmosphere and taste and in the quality”, said Paroïev.

He said prices “increased slightly” due to inflation that has hit Russia hard since new Western sanctions were imposed in the wake of the invasion.

“It won’t be worse, for sure. We will try to improve,” added the new owner, Russian businessman Alexandre Govor. “We hope that the number of customers will not decrease, but, on the contrary, that it will increase. Especially since it is now a 100% Russian company.”

McDonald’s started its operations in Moscow in January 1990, still in the Soviet era, and the opening of the first store in the country’s capital was seen at the time as one of the symbols of the opening of the former communist empire to the outside.

Russia, where McDonald’s directly managed more than 80% of the restaurants using its name, accounted for 9% of the company’s revenue and 3% of its operating profit.

McDonald’s had already temporarily closed its more than 800 stores in Russia in March, at the start of the war. It’s not the first time the network has made such a decision. In 2014, the company closed all its stores in Ukraine’s Crimea region after the peninsula was annexed by Russia.

A Russian network called RusBurger ended up taking over the former US network points in Crimea. With the motto “Taste of Russia”, the chain began to offer products such as “X-Burger of the Czar” and “Chicken Czar” instead of the traditional Big Macs and McChickens. (With international agencies)

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