Penultimate team qualifies, but former Everton Ribeiro teammate at Flamengo does not go to the World Cup


World Cup spot decided with controversial penalty save

Agif/Luciano Belford - Penultimate team qualifies, but former Everton Ribeiro teammate at Flamengo won't go to the World Cup
© Luciano Belford/AGIF, Belford – Penultimate team qualifies, but former Everton Ribeiro teammate at Flamengo won’t go to the World Cup

THE Australia has qualified for its 6th World Cup in history this Monday (13), the 5th in a row. Since the World Cup in Germany in 2006, the country of Oceania has been to every edition of the tournament. Despite the geographic location, the Australian National Team competes in the qualifiers in Asia, where the technical level is superior.

The Kangaroo team will play the Cup in group D, and Qatar debut against France, on the 22nd of November. The other members of the group are Denmark and Tunisia. Australia celebrated the qualification for the world championship, which came against Peru, in a penalty shootout. The game was 0-0 for 180 minutes and ended up being defined with a contestable save by the Australian goalkeeper.

The favoritism before the ball rolled, was with the South American team. At the Peru has been declared a national holiday today, for the whole country to watch the attempt to qualify for another World Cup. Unfortunately, for the Peruvians, the experience was not the best. In a match with few chances created, both teams finished just three times on goal in the entire match.

The former Flamengo player, the side Miguel Trauco, failed to take his country to another World Cup. In 2018, when he was still playing alongside Everton Ribeiro and Companhia, Peru returned to the tournament after 26 years. Now playing for France’s Saint-Étienne, Trauco will have to watch the World Cup on television, where he must watch Andrew Redmayne dancing in the goal.

The Australian goalkeeper came off the bench to qualify his country for another World Cup. Specialist in penalties, the player uses a very peculiar technique to take the attention of opponents. he literally dance while the athlete walks towards the goal collection. However, in a decisive defense in Valera’s kick, redmayne crossed the goal line. Australia qualifies for another Cup, but with a controversy that should still be talked about.

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