Small dog climbs on golden retriever to grab food from table; video

On June 11th, Jenny Leech, resident of Illinois, USA and owner of two golden retrievers and several chihuahuas, shared a video on a Facebook group to show who’s boss in the house dog group.

In the scene a chihuahua is on top of the youngest golden’s head trying to steal the food that is exposed on the kitchen table. The duo are called Ben and Tim.

Apparently this is a common attitude between the two, in addition to acting as a ladder for the little one, the golden also serves as a boat. In other videos made available by the tutor, the chihuahua appears mounted on the dog’s back as he swims in a small pond.

But why does the chihuahua treat the golden this way? Do you think it’s superiority or friendship? According to the website Portal Melhores Amigos, dogs can develop bonds with other dogs, so it’s just a friendly relationship between the two.

Dogs were domesticated in such a pleasant way that when they are in places where other dogs are present, they become real children, behaving like puppies that run, jump and do mischief.

Usually, this type of behavior infects other dogs with social skills.

The video garnered more than 1,800 reactions, 223 comments and 139 shares.

“This is so cute, cute babies,” one netizen commented.

“That’s a tiny alpha!” said a second.

“Look at those babies. They are absolutely starving!” added a third.

Watch the videos below and draw your own conclusions:

Also see this video from our channel:

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