The best cities to enjoy winter holidays

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Generally, when you think of a vacation, you think of hot places, with bright sun and a lot of heat to enjoy beaches and swimming pools. However, cold tourism is also a good idea for those who want to rest from stress in a cozy and comfortable way. And you don’t have to go far to enjoy your vacation in the lowest temperatures: in Brazil itself, there are destinations for all tastes! Discover, below, the best places to enjoy the winter while on vacation.


It is not news to Brazilians that the South region is the place with the most cities for winter tourism. The region receives the lowest temperatures in Brazil, and not for nothing, there are several tourist places for you to enjoy there. One of the main places is the city of Gramado, located in Rio Grande do Sul, which offers restaurants, colonial cafes and special hotels for those who want all the comfort that a trip proposes.


Another interesting place to visit in Rio Grande do Sul is the city of Guaíba. Located in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre, capital of the state, the city was the scene of historical moments for the gauchos and offers a panoramic view of the city of Porto Alegre. Restaurants, City Tour and viewpoints are also highlights of the city.


Located in Santa Catarina, Criciúma is great for those who want to enjoy a cold climate and have several parks, museums and other cultural options to visit. One of the main tourist attractions is the Octavio Fontana visitation mine, which is the only coal mine in Latin America.


Undoubtedly, one of the coldest cities in Brazil, the capital of Paraná is very charming and combines the bustle of a metropolis with the calm of a place surrounded by greenery. The historic center of the city offers several experiences in the areas of architecture, culture, with theaters and museums, as well as restaurants. The Public Library of Paraná and the Cable Car are some of the main tourist tours in the city, as well as a walk on the boardwalk of Rua XV de Novembro. The mobility of the city works well, so it is possible to enjoy the trip without a car, for example.

Caxias do Sul

You may have heard about the “Festa da Uva”, which is a regional event in the city of Caxias do Sul that takes place every two years. It is an Italian-style celebration, in which typical Italian dishes are offered, in addition to wines, of course! The grape festival is the main attraction of the city, which also has tours of the Casa de Pedra Museum and the Medieval Castle Chateau Lacave Winery.

In addition, Caxias is close to Porto Alegre and other cities in Rio Grande do Sul, so it’s worth having a car to travel around the region; and don’t forget to have your car serviced, with Carter protectorto ensure the safety of your trip.

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