”The more I know you, the more I love you”

Actress Camila Pitanga receives a beautiful statement from her boyfriend, philosophy professor Patrick Pessoa, on her birthday

party day for Camila Pitanga! This Tuesday, the 14th, the actress is completing another year of life and won a special tribute on social media! The artist received a statement from her boyfriend, Patrick Pessoawho shared a series of photos with her lover in a romantic mood on her Instagram feed.

The philosophy professor celebrated the 45th birthday of the famous and melted when he also celebrated the union. “Camila, the more I get to know you, the more I love you. This is just your second anniversary of the rest of our lives. It’s over.”wrote Patrick in the caption of the publication.

“Ahhhhhh, love!!!! All my life with you! That’s it!”Camila melted in the comments of the post.

On Valentine’s Day, last Sunday, the 12th, Camila declared herself to her lover: “Patrick is dating already, yesterday, always with me?”, He asked. “Always. Now it’s gone. Now it’s forever. I love you, girlfriend”replied the teacher.

It is worth remembering that Camila and Patrick took over the relationship in October 2021.

Check out Patrick Pessoa’s tribute to his beloved, Camila Pitanga:

Camila Pitanga comments on facial harmonization

Recently, Camila Pitanga and Alice Wegmann (26) were invited to Pizza do Faustão and talked about aesthetic procedures. Camila revealed that this is one of the themes of her new work in the teleseries Second thoughtsgives HBO Max. “My character is a digital influencer, the role of facial harmonization. The series talks exactly about this field, which today is a status”, said.

Alice, who plays her enemy in the plot, gave her opinion on the matter. “I think this has two sides: aesthetics often rescue people’s self-esteem, which is good. I believe that everyone has the right to choose what they want for their own body. But we have to ask ourselves before doing any procedure: ‘Do I need this?’”.

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