“The OC” and “Gossip Girl” have the couples who broke up and got back together in the series world

A recent survey showed that not all series have perfect relationships. This is the case of “The OC” it’s from “Gossip Girl”, two productions that were marked by controversial courtships and filled with comings and goings. The couple summer and Seth, for example, ended 20 times during the four seasons of the TV show. Meanwhile, the duo Blair and Chuck managed to pass 90% of the seasons of “Gossip Girl” in this yo-yo effect. Not everything in fiction works like a fairy tale.

If we first look at The OCit is easy to understand why the couple’s relationship lived by Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson went through so many controversies in the initial season. Seth didn’t accept to date in secret with Summer, and both would only be able to solve it in the final episodes. However, it is undeniable that more than 20 back and forth in the relationship seems problematic. In fact, the series tries to show how some issues can be difficult to overcome for some couples.

It was with this that the couple Summer and Seth was in the first position of the ranking created by the blog Betway Insider. The OC duo suffered the most from the yo-yo effect among the most popular drama series in recent years. Meanwhile, at No. 2 is Gossip Girl’s most complicated relationship: Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf. The duo had 10 back and forth in love over six seasons, with some episodes beyond controversial. This courtship has never been simple, and involves betrayals and dramas typical of the series.

The curious thing is that the couple played by the actors Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick managed to resolve it most of the time. They spend about 90% of the show in these situations, but they’re always coming back with the problematic passion. The dramas are so iconic, they’ve both ended the same amount of times. That is, it is a couple who deal with problems in a similar way. This was one of the reasons the couple was so successful in “Gossip Girl”.

Other couples in the ranking

The list made by the Betway team, an online roulette game site, also has other famous series. “Friends”, “Sex and the City” and “Californication” complete with the couples who went through the famous yo-yo of relationships. In the case of the first, of course we are talking about the classic couple Rachel and Ross. The two marked a time on the sitcom, and are always remembered by fans. After all, it is a story full of ups and downs, but with a happy ending.

Meanwhile, in the controversial “Californication”, Hank and Karen spend almost the entire series trying to figure it out. The curious thing is that they are together in only 3% of the 84 episodes of the seven seasons. Another example of how some couples can be very complicated, and far from living a perfect life. The two had only five ups and downs, but they were all intense and meaningful. Also, the series finale leaves their relationship in doubt.

“Sex and the City” it is also marked by the troubled relationships of all the protagonists. However, it is the couple Carrie and Mr. Big that draws attention, especially for the time they are apart, about 25% of the episodes. There were six back and forth in seasons, and a story completed only in films released years after the initial episodes. A reference in troubled relationships, even compared to other TV productions.

fiction and reality

This ranking shows how shows don’t always try to create a fantasy. In fact, the success of many of them comes precisely because they show more real relationships and with many problems. Of course, 20 comings and goings is anything but normal, and it can represent a couple with a lot of difficulties, but it’s still something far from a fairy tale with no problems.

That is, fiction ends up getting closer to reality, and establishes a greater connection with fans. Seth and Summer managed to do this very well, which is why they remain to this day as the favorite characters of many moviegoers. “The OC”. This also happens with “Gossip Girl”and the controversial duo formed by Blair and Chuck.

Betway’s list is just a curious survey, but it can explain very well how these two series remain alive in the minds of people who have closely followed the dramas on TV.

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