This is the best way to be invisible on WhatsApp and few people know

Maintaining privacy on social networks is a constant search for many users who browse daily. Messaging apps are no different. For example, most likely you have already wanted to go unnoticed or even become invisible on WhatsApp.

The platform is the most used in Brazil and on some occasions it is natural for you to want to disappear a little from the app.

This is the best way to be invisible on WhatsApp and few people know

First of all, it’s good to make it clear that, by default, WhatsApp does not allow you to leave the username blank. However, there is a way to hide the name in the application, which is to leave a blank character.

For this procedure, use the character special unicode. The method is aimed at those who want to hide the name in the app from friends or unknown contacts.

Check out how to disappear your name on WhatsApp on Android and iOS devices:

Step by step

  • First, open WhatsApp on your Android or iOS;
  • Then go to the app’s settings. On Android, click on the three dots icon located in the upper right corner and then on “Settings”. On iOS, the option is at the bottom of the screen;
  • In the “Settings” of the software, go to the option that has your name and your profile picture;
  • Afterwards, click on your name and delete everything. After that, copy the Unicode character “⠀”, without the quotes, and paste it in the place where your name was written;
  • Finally, tap “OK, to finish the process;
  • Your name will be invisible to your contacts or some unknown person.

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