Two public schools in Pernambuco are among the 50 best in the world

THE State Technical School Professor Agamenon Magalhães (Etepam), located in Recife, and the Reference School in Elementary Education Evandro Ferreira dos Santosfrom Cabrobó, Sertão de Pernambuco, are finalists for the international award World’s Best School Prizes (Best Schools in the World Award, in free translation), which elected the 50 best schools in the world.

Etepam is a finalist for the Innovation category of the award with the project live upwhich seeks to encourage social entrepreneurshipas with the production of ecological bricks and the Cangame software, which supports students diagnosed on the autistic spectrum in their studies and communication.

The Evandro Ferreira dos Santos School, under the municipal management of Cabrobó, is part of the Integrated Education program and has the support of the state education network. The teaching unit is a finalist in the Overcoming Adversity categorywith innovative projects such as “Distant yes, disconnected no. Family and school projecting dreams, promoting inclusion”, by Professor Fernanda Sheilânia.

This initiative integrates managers, teachers, students and, mainly, their families to overcoming common community challenges. One of the results already achieved is the literacy of mothers, so that they can follow the student development of their children.

Eref Evandro Ferreira dos Santos, in CabrobóEvandro Ferreira dos Santos School is a finalist in the Overcoming Adversity category (Photo: Publicity/Cabrobó City Hall)

THE Municipal Elementary School Professor Adolfina JM Diefenthälerin Rio Grande do Sul, is also a finalist, these three being the only Brazilian women among the 50 chosen worldwide.

currently master in Software EngineeringEraldo Guerra was responsible for creating the live up at Etepam in 2010. The idea developed was for students to bring social problems from the communities in which they lived to the classroom to seek solutions. This is how the idea of ​​“Construcoco” was born, ecological bricks made from green coconut fiber.

“At the time, a student commented that the neighborhood where she lived suffered from the irregular disposal of coconut fiber, which was very commercialized in the place. From there, the students created possible solutions until we arrived at the first creation of Live Up, Construcoco. With a greater resistance than the conventional brick, without needing the burning process or cement in its composition, the ecological brick has earned us international prominence”, said Eraldo Guerra.

In the following years, Live Up opened windows for students to think about various social problems and find off-the-beaten-path solutions.

Among other outstanding projects, there is, for example, a biological blanket that helps to reduce water pollution in rivers, and the Cangame software, which supports autistic students in studies and communication, already used in 23 countries. Both projects have already been awarded and recognized internationally.

Etepam’s manager for two years, Andreia Vieira says that the title of finalist in the Innovation category matches the reality that the school experiences.

“The category in which we are running for the final award has a deep connection with our school’s politics and philosophy. We continue with this motto and are closing partnerships with technology schools”, said the manager.

World’s Best School Prizes
In its first edition, the initiative is organized by the British institution T4 Educationin partnership with the Lemann Foundation, Templeton World Charity Foundation, Accenture, American Express and Yayasan Hasana, and highlights schools that promote innovative practices with an eye on improving learning.

The award consists of five categories: Community Collaboration, Environmental Action, Innovation, Overcoming Adversity and Supporting Healthy Lives. There are ten schools that compete in each of them.

The top three in each category will be announced in September. The winners will be announced during World Education Week in October. The final prize is US$50,000 for each school.

Top 10 in Innovation
State Technical School Professor Agamenon Magalhães – Recife, Brazil

Escuela Emilia Lascar – Peñaflor, Chile
Eveline High School – Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
I Love Dyslexia EFL School – Athens, Greece
MCD Co-ed Primary School Lajpat Nagar III – New Delhi, India
N-High School – Okinawa, Japan
Sekolah Kebangsaan Kempandang – Kuatan, Malaysia
Shining Star International School – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
SVKM’s CNM School – Mumbai, India
St. Helen’s School – London, United Kingdom

Top 10 in Overcoming Adversity
Amani School for Refugees – Kakuma, Kenya
Best Intellectuals Model School – Aba Abia State, Nigeria
Marcus Garvey Technical High School – St. Ann’s Bay and Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Pinelands North Primary School – Cape Town, South Africa
Project Shelter Wakadogo – Gulu, Uganda
Samaritan Mission School – Howrah, India
SMK Kampong Jawa – Selangor, Malaysia
St. Edward’s Primary School – Tamworth, Australia

Reference School in Elementary Education Evandro Ferreira dos Santos – Cabrobó, Brazil
West End Primary – Mitchells Plain, South Africa

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