Uber will refund BRL 973 charged for a ride between neighborhoods, but in 60 days

DJ Adriano Gomes, who was charged irregularly by Uber, will have the R$ 973 refunded, according to the company promised him in a contact made in the last few hours. The case gained notoriety after the man exposed the charge on social media. In a new conversation with the UOL, he says that the company gave a period of up to 60 days to make the payment and that it decided to keep the civil process in view of the inconvenience he went through with the company.

The reimbursement was communicated by the app last night, according to him, and the amount will return within two months to Gomes’ account. “I’m much more relieved. What worries me is the delay in the price coming back, but I’ll hope it drops sooner.”

The entire journey, which, according to the simulation made by the passenger himself, would cost R$ 22, ended up being 44 times greater and reached R$ 973 — already with a 10% discount applied on the total value, since he is a subscriber to the service club.

When triggering the platform’s chat, the company claimed to the DJ that this charge was due to the dynamic value of 2.2 multiplier, used when prices increase due to lack of drivers to meet demand – which usually occurs when there is bad weather. , peak hours and special events, according to Uber’s website.

The trip was made from Avenida Mandacaru, stopping at the aeroclube and disembarking at Portal do Sol, on Saturday (11), which, according to Gomes, takes about 20 minutes and an estimated value of about R$22.

To get an idea, in a simulation carried out yesterday, to go from Barra de Gramame Norte beach to the Bessa neighborhood, which is on the other side of the city, the trip is 40 minutes and costs R$ 64.91. To go from Ponta Negra, in Rio Grande do Norte, to Barra de Gramame Norte, the maximum was R$ 590, with the difference that the trip takes three hours and is in the neighboring state.


Through a note sent yesterday, the platform said that, after the user confirmed the trip, he requested a change of route to include a new stop located in another municipality, more than 150 kilometers away from the origin address, which caused the value difference.

As the trip did not follow the new requested route, a new value was calculated and the excess will be reimbursed to the user — in the justification to the user, the company only pointed out that the issue would be due to the dynamic value during the trip.

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