Why Grêmio cheers against Flamengo’s proposal for Everton Cebolinha

Grêmio closely follows the definition of the future of Everton Cebolinha, leaving Benfica and in negotiations with Flamengo. Grêmio’s interest is based on the contract signed with the Portuguese, in August 2020, which provides for 20% of future transfer in a specific scenario. Precisely the context that should not take place now.

At the age of 26, Everton has received surveys from Spain and Italy, but he wants to return to Brazil to recover the high level of Grêmio’s times, which led to him being called up a few times by Tite for the Brazilian national team. Flamengo shows optimism with the conclusion of the deal.

The contract between Grêmio and Benfica has a clause that guarantees the gauchos a percentage of added value in the operation that can take Everton Cebolinha from the Luz stadium. But the article is only activated precisely if the negotiation involves more than 20 million euros (about R$ 106.5 million at the current price) — an amount paid by the Portuguese in 2020.

From 20 million euros, Grêmio takes 20% of the difference. An example can be given with an amount of 30 million euros. In this scenario, the gaucho club would be entitled to 2 million euros, per contract.

Flamengo offers 14 million euros to Benfica for Everton Cebolinha. Amount below the operation between Grêmio and the Portuguese is impossible to activate the surplus value clause.

The clause was added by the attacking midfielder’s rising projection in Europe. Benfica, Grêmio and Everton’s own staff were planning to pass through Portugal and transfer to a major league, with figures even higher than those involved almost two years ago. After 95 games in the Portuguese team, Cebolinha is close to returning to Brazil.

In case of conclusion of the deal between Fla and Benfica, Grêmio will only receive the percentage of solidarity mechanism – provided by FIFA for training clubs. In addition to the gaucho team, Fortaleza is also entitled to participate.

The contract between Flamengo and Everton Cebolinha should be for five years, as determined by the UOL Esporte.

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