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YouTube faces instability this Tuesday afternoon (14). Video comments do not appear both on the web version of the service and on the app for Android and iPhone (iOS) mobile phones. According to reports published on Twitter, the flaw affects users in Brazil and other countries around the world. On Downdetector, a platform that monitors the operation of online services, notifications about problems on YouTube started around 1 pm and continue to rise.

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O TechTudo managed to reproduce the fault. When opening a video on the service’s website or application, it is possible to see the amount of comments made on the content, but not the messages themselves. On the website, the comments section is blank. In the application, in turn, the message “An error has occurred” appears. wanted by TechTudo, YouTube said it will look into the matter. The text will be updated as we get new information.

YouTube has instability and does not load comments on the app and website — Photo: Getty Images

Why are YouTube comments not loading? Ask questions on the TechTudo Forum

Data from Google Trends, a Google tool that monitors searches in real time, indicates that queries for the term “YouTube comments do not appear” have increased by 4,700% in the last hour. Searches like “I can’t see YouTube comments” have also gone up, which shows that users are looking for a solution to the problem. On Downdetector, complaints about the flaw jumped from 1 to 78 in just under an hour.

YouTube does not display comments on the web version, despite interactions with the content — Photo: Reproduction/Ana Letícia Loubak

Users turned to Twitter to complain about the instability on YouTube. There are reports in Portuguese and Spanish, which indicates that the failure affects not only Brazil. In general, internet users are tagging the profile of the service (@TeamYouTube) and asking for a solution. There were, however, those who scoffed at the disappearance of the comments. See some posts below.

*Under development. The text will be updated.

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