Amazon is about to implement a drone delivery model

have you ever thought about receive purchases made over the internet using drones? It seems that this type of delivery is about to take the air, as everything indicates that the Amazon Prime Air, Amazon’s drone delivery service, will begin operations later this year. The first to rely on this new delivery option are customers in Lockeford, California.

This type of delivery has been thought of for a long time, since 2013, but it has only begun to be tested now, and on a much smaller scale than initially intended. Even so, Amazon is confident in using the proposed technology and believes it is ready for bigger flights. That’s because the test will take place in a small territory, since Lockeford has only 3,500 inhabitants.

If all goes well, these customers will now be able to opt for Prime Air delivery. Of course, not all items are eligible for this type of delivery, but customers will be able to see a selection of them to choose how to make their purchases.

But all this may not work out, since this is the first test to see if the planned system works in practice and on a large scale. For this, the company is already working to obtain flight permits with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Prime Air would help with deliveries that need to be made in places that are difficult to access, or that are very costly in terms of fuel consumption. And for anyone worried about the risk of packet loss along the way, the company says it is developing technologies to prevent drones collide with obstacles.

In addition, the equipment will produce less noise, due to the six propellers that make up a hexagonal design, also counting on greater stability during flight.

Amazon has yet to say how much weight the drone can handle and how far it can go, but it said thousands of everyday items will be available for purchase in this mode.

Its release is also unknown, and everything will depend on how things go in Lockeford.

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