Amazon Prime Video Series 2022: What’s New This Year

O Prime Video is a streaming of movies and series that is part of the package of services that Amazon offers in the Amazon Prime subscription. In it, you can find great movie and TV hits, in addition to exclusive Amazon productions.

And if you’re looking for what to watch on streaming and want suggestions for what’s new, we’ve separated some 2022 releases from the platform that deserve a try. Check out:

1. night sky

night sky is a science fiction series that was released on the 20th of May and has gained a lot of fans. There are 8 episodes directed by Argentine Juan José Campanella (from the film The Secret of Your Eyes) that excite and engage the viewer.

The story revolves around an elderly couple Irene (Sissy Spacek, from bloodline) and Frank (JK Simmons, from oz) who live in a suburb of the United States. Due to an accident, Irene has mobility problems and depends on her husband’s care.

The story gets interesting because the couple has a kind of “portal” at home – in fact, a camera that is buried in their backyard and that they don’t tell anyone. It connects them to a desert planet, from where they watch the stars.

two. The Kids in the Hall

kids in the hall is, in fact, the return of a comedy classic. The Canadian troupe ran a comedy sketch show between 1989 and 1995, and 27 years later, they’re back for a new season on Amazon Prime.

The five actors take turns in countless roles that make fun of different things: Canadian police, doctors, elderly couples, lonely guys and lots more. It is a machine gun of humor that spares no one.

3. The Unsolved Murder Of Beverly Lynn Smith

The Unsolved Murder Of Beverly Lynn Smith it’s a documentary series true crime with 4 episodes, and investigates the murder of Beverly Lynn Smith, a young woman then 22 years old.

In 1974, she was living in Ontario with her husband and 10-month-old son, when she was murdered in their home.

A man named Alan Smith, his neighbor, was named the prime suspect for nearly 50 years, although he always pleaded not guilty. Smith is eventually released on a technicality.

The series revolves around the entire investigation and the concepts of justice and revenge that she ends up discussing.

4. As We See It

Based on the Israeli series On the Spectrum, As We See It promises to win over many people because of its delicate mix between comedy and drama. It revolves around three 25-year-old friends who live together in an apartment in California, all of whom are on the autism spectrum.

Thus, we see their struggles in various fields such as professional life, relationships, family and friendships. The proposed representation of this group in As We See It takes a step further in relation to other series, such as atypical, which also deals with autism.

5. Outer Range

Outer Range is already among the great successes of Amazon Prime. It’s a dramatic western about Royal Abbott (the Thanos of Avengers: Infinity War), a farmer who fights to preserve his land and his family.

When their daughter-in-law Rebecca disappears, the family’s life takes a turn: in addition to the mystery surrounding her disappearance, there is a conflict with their neighbors Tillersons, who want to take the Abbotts’ lands. Soon, new tragedies unfold and generate difficult problems for the entire community.

6. Agency

Agency is a comic series adapted from the French Dix pour Cent. The story is about four professionals who work at a talent agency in London, making it very clear that there is nothing glamorous about working with celebrities.

O staff he is always doing his best to meet the pettiness of his customers, which creates a lot of comical situations. The series features British stars such as Helena Bonham Carter (from The Crown) and Dominic West (from The Wire and The Affair).

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