Atltico: Turkish departure and preference for Renato Gacho, points out poll

In a Superesportes poll, most votes were in favor of sa
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In a poll by Superesportes, most votes were in favor of Turkish Mohamed’s departure from the Atlantic

A poll by Superesportes about the future of Turkish coach Mohamed at Atltico showed the majority of votes favoring the fans’ preference for a change in command. Among the candidates to assume the position, Renato Gacho won. When contacted by the report, he declined to comment, as he understands that there is a technician employed and working – who will lead the team tonight, against Cear, at Castelo. In addition, a source linked to alvinegro says that Renato does not have the profile that the club wants.

Turco Mohamed’s reactions during the press conference

Carlos Carvalhal (17%), who has already announced his departure from Braga. The third most voted option, with 13%, is that of another foreigner, without mentioning his name.

Despite being the best option in the fan’s view, Renato Gacho understands that there is a hurt on the part of Atltico’s board, as his manager was in BH shortly before the signing of Cuca and had practically spoken that Renato would leave Grmio. However, Grêmio’s president gathered Pedro Geromel, captain of the team, and six other players, who entered Renato’s room and made him give up leaving Grmio to take over Atltico.

This “distract” was stuck in the throat of the Atletico leaders and has not been digested until today.

A club source revealed that Atletico are still betting on Turco Mohamed and that there has been no talk of a possible replacement. Also: that Renato Gacho does not fit the profile of the white-and-white.

“The guy won the Minas Gerais state championship and the Brazilian Supercup, the two titles we competed for this season. We see no reason to fire him. We always defend the continuity of the work and we bet on him for more conquests. If one day we decide to change, I think it’s great It’s hard for Renato to be a name. He doesn’t fit the profile we want.”

Renato Gacho and the Brazilian National Team

Renato Gacho doesn’t want to talk about it, but he received an offer from Dubai to earn R$ 50 million, in a three-year contract, and he refused. In fact, Renato Gacho dreams of the Brazilian team, after the World Cup, when Tite leaves, regardless of the result.

He also never considered working abroad – he has already had offers from China and Japan, but he was not seduced by the millions of dollars.

A bad result tonight, against Cear, can make the alvinegra board change plans and go looking for a coach in the market.

as Cuca said If he doesn’t come back, at least this season, and Renato is practically ruled out by the board, it will be necessary to go to the market with a magnifying glass, as there are no big names available.

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