Betim City Hall will offer PPP to Ronaldo to build Cruzeiro arena

Cruzeiro should receive in the coming days a very attractive proposal to have a stadium that they can call their own and definitely avoid the expenses they have to send their games, in addition to immediately earning about R$ 150 million. It is, without a doubt, good news for the heavenly nation and an excellent opportunity for the current board to be able to accelerate the repayment of the club’s debt and obtain an even more promising return to the Brazilian football elite. This is because the City of Betim and an international investor, based in Europe, are announcing, until next July, a public-private partnership (PPP) to build another multipurpose arena in Minas Gerais.

The arena, according to Mayor Vittorio Medioli (without a party), would already have a location and prior approval from the City of Betim. It would be built on a plot of 100,000 square meters next to Via Expressa and less than ten kilometers from where Atlético’s MRV Arena is being built. The mayor explained that the project provides for a capacity for 45,000 fans and 52,000 people for concerts.

According to Medioli, the new Minas Gerais arena will still have modern concepts of civil construction and urban mobility, inspired by the Arena da Baixada, by Athletico Paranaense, with a retractable roof and mixed lawn, which intersperses grasses of natural and artificial types. In the initial project there is still a forecast to build a parking lot for more than 3,000 cars, ecological parks and a convention center in a nearby complex with the capacity to receive another 20,000 people.

Vittorio Medioli also says that there is an international partner with financial capacity and his idea is to present the proposal to the president of Cruzeiro SAF, Ronaldo Nazário. According to the mayor of Betim, the cost of building the arena is estimated at R$ 450 million, with a forecast of 24 months of works and the launch of the proposal in the coming days.

Medioli explains that Cruzeiro has a great opportunity, because, in addition to not having to pay any amount to be part of the partnership, it would still receive something close to R$ 150 million, in addition to enjoying more than 80% of the box office, sales of chairs and 100 cabins, with different sizes.

“We are going to propose a meeting with Ronaldo and present the possibility of a partnership and get to know the whole project. We have an extremely motivated international partner and the city hall, which has its own environmental management, can speed up the construction. straight line, a few kilometers from where Atlético is building its arena. The place is well served with public transport, wide avenues, complete infrastructure, shopping and other spaces to develop this leisure and sports industry. We are inspired by arenas like Palmeiras and Athletico Paranaense to create the best concept that combines concerts and football,” he explained.

“Anyway, the stadium is already being used for entertainment and the partnership proposed to Cruzeiro is to cancel any expenses with stadium rental and also receive 80% of the net box office income. Cruzeiro the money that is missing to get out of the choke and take off for a new life”, completed Medioli.

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