Brazil advances with all 8 doubles in the Beach Volleyball World Championship – 06/14/2022

A year after going blank at the Tokyo Games, leaving an Olympics without medals in beach volleyball for the first time, Brazil is honoring its tradition at the World Championships of the sport, which is being held in Rome, Italy. Once the first phase was over, all eight participating Brazilian teams advanced to the knockout stage without having to go through the repechage. The bad news is that, in the women’s, only one of them can reach the semifinals.

In the first phase of the competition, 48 pairs of each gender played 12 quadrangular, advancing the first two of each group and the owners of the four best campaigns among the third placed. The other pairs that finished third play a repechage, earning four spots in the final phase.

In the men’s, only one of the four pairs in Brazil finished the first round unbeaten: André Stein/George. Champion in 2017 with Evandro, André seeks to win the tournament twice. In Group L, Alison/Guto and Renato/Vitor Felipe each suffered one defeat, finishing second and third in the bracket, respectively, but both teams advanced. Bruno Schmidt/Saymon, on the other hand, suffered a defeat, to a pair from Italy, but passed in second place in Group A.

Among the women, Duda/Ana Patrícia and Talita/Rebecca, who are among the candidates for the title, won their three games. Bárbara/Carol Solberg suffered a defeat, for a team from Canada, while Taiana/Hegeile, less ranked among the Brazilians, won only one game, but advanced in second by the tiebreaker criteria.

Thirty-two teams participate, in each suit, in the playoffs. André/George will be the first Brazilian duo to enter the court tomorrow, against McHugh/Burnett, from Australia. Bruno and Saymon face off against the old acquaintances Samoilovs/Smedins, from Latvia, three times champions of the world circuit. Renato and Vitor Felipe will face Perusic/Schweiner, from the Czech Republic. Alison and Guto will face veterans Herrera and Gavira, from Spain.

In the women’s, Bárbara and Carol will face Wang and Xia, from China. Talita and Rebecca will face Laboureur/Schulz, from Germany, while Taiana and Hegeile will have a tough time facing Canadians Pavan/Melissa. The opponents of Duda and Ana Patrícia will come from the repechage.

If they advance, the Brazilian pairs face each other, because they all fell in the same quadrant of the bracket. Duda and Ana Patrícia can take Bárbara and Carol, while Taiana and Hegeile would be Taita and Rebecca’s rivals. Then the winners face off. In the men’s, Renato and Vitor Felipe are on one side of the bracket and the other pairs on the other.

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