Caoa Chery presents five electrified models

Caoa Chery presented in São Paulo its new range of electrified models, which will arrive in the coming months bringing technologies such as MHEV, PHEV and EV, thus comprising five models, three of which are nationally manufactured.

The Tiggo 5x Pro Hybrid and Tiggo 7 Pro Hybrid models will be manufactured in Brazil with a 48V micro-hybrid system, known as MHEV, which will allow for reduced consumption and also with flex technology, through a 1.5 Turbo engine.

caoa chery hybrids 8

A third model with this technology will also be sold here and it will be the Arrizo 6 Pro Hybrid, however, it will come imported from China, as the Jacareí factory temporarily stopped producing vehicles, as the company indicates.

The Caoa Chery Tiggo 8 Plug-In Hybrid will have a dedicated hybrid transmission (DHT) with two electric motors, in addition to a gasoline engine, as well as external charging and EV mode, which will allow it to run without emission of pollutants.

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Finally, Caoa Chery showed the iCar, the national name for the Chery eQ1, which should arrive imported from China and with an attractive price proposal to expand the brand’s electrification in the country and foster the electric car market. It arrives at the end of June.

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Marcio Alfonso, Vice President of Operations at CAOA, says: “Innovation is part of Caoa Chery’s DNA We are one of the fastest growing brands in the country thanks to our ability to keep moving. In just a few years of operation, we have already made history in the national industry and will continue to do even more”.

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Alfonso concludes: “This new era that has just begun is yet another proof of the strength and capacity of Caoa Chery. We are leading the technological turn of our industry by complementing our portfolio, following the global trend of green cars”.

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Caoa Chery has not yet released technical details of the cars or prices, as well as the launch schedule. This will be for the second part of the launch event, which takes place in São Paulo and we will bring you all the details, as well as the visual impressions of the models.

Caoa Chery Tiggo 5x Pro Hybrid, Tiggo 7 Pro Hybrid, Arrizo 6 Pro Hybrid, Tiggo 8 Plug-In Hybrid and iCar – Photo Gallery

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