Cruzeiro: Mineiro director questions meeting between Ronaldo and Zema

One of the agendas of the meeting
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One of the agendas of the meeting between Ronaldo and Zema, this Wednesday (15), will be the administration of Mineiro

An employee of Minas Arena, the company responsible for managing the Gigante da Pampulha, Samuel Lloyd says that Ronaldo should deal with matters related to the administration of Mineiro, and not with Zema.

“This country that I love respects the laws, bids and contracts. Until 2037, at least, this is Minas Arena’s management, a company that I represent with great pride and dedication and a reference in studio management in Brazil”, adds the director.

Wanted, Cruzeiro confirmed a courtesy visit, “protocol”, from Ronaldo to Zema. There are also plans for a meeting like this with the City of Belo Horizonte.

Miner's commercial director
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Mineiro’s commercial director, Samuel Lloyd was uncomfortable with the meeting between Ronaldo and Zema at the stadium

Ronaldo’s displeasure

Despite the good relationship with Minas Arena, Ronaldo does not hide his dissatisfaction with the cost of operating the Mineiro.

About two months ago, Fenmeno revealed, for example, Cruzeiro’s desire to have a share in the profits of the stadium’s boxes. “They sold the boxes, but what if we don’t play there? Whoever bought the box will get what?”, asked the former number 9 shirt. “Minas Arena still has to give a lot, a lot, to be fair “, he added.

The disagreements with the concessionaire made Ronaldo even consider the possibility of building his own stadium for Cruzeiro. “Is it worth it for us to start thinking, in the near future, of building our stadium?”, asked the former player during a live in April.

Ronaldo, who lives in Spain, is already in Brazil. He will arrive in Belo Horizonte this Wednesday, meet with Romeu Zema and watch, at 4 pm on Thursday (16), Cruzeiro’s game against Ponte Preta, for Serie B of the Brazilian Championship. More than 57,000 fans have already secured tickets for the match in Mineiro.

The information about Ronaldo’s meeting with the Governor of Minas Gerais was initially released by Itatiaia and confirmed by supersports and State of Mines.

Contract between Minas Arena and Mineiro

Minas Arena will still be remunerated by the public coffers for a long period. According to the contract, the State of Minas Gerais will pay the company every month during the period of validity of the concession: 27 years – this period can be extended to 35 years.

Minas Arena is the consortium formed by the engineering companies Construcap, Egesa and HAP and has managed the Gigante da Pampulha since 2010, during the modernization works for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

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